Tokyo Hot n0602 Special 2010 Part 2

Tokyo Hot n0602 Special 2010 Part 2

Release on 12 September 2016
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  • This is the last general settlement of account in this year! The TOKYO HOT Special part 2 that is gangbang that semen is scattered is fantastic. The four nymphs of ANNA SAKAI, MEGUMI SHINO, SATOMI SUZUKI and AI NAOSHIMA form “TKH48″ and CD debut. The title is gVaginal cum shot baby ~ It may have become pregnant!?h The sale point is beauty pussy and highly sensitive, it is an idol for exclusive use of the vaginal cum shot. However, the activity base of four people is not Akihabara and stage but it is on the bed. It is zooming popularly in the meat urinal activity that will widely offer pussy to parties concerned and everybody of the fan now. Hot encouragement and semen of people will be essential in future to take the world! Even if the pussy is destroyed in the continuousness of vaginal cum shot, it is a smile. It can never forget warmth of the semen which had people inject it even if it becomes pregnant. After one year the image girl activity. “THK48″ that is formed is acting well. The four nymphs who is dressed glitter clothes are rollick.

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